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Instant Garden

We just don’t seem to have enough time to squeeze everything into our busy lives, and yet we’d like to look and feel on top of everything! And make it look so easy!

Of course a clean, tidy and stylish home is important but generally impossible unless you have organised someone to clean, tidy and style it for you. Usually it‘s up to you. So a relaxed approach to having the perfect space is a sanity saver.

Then there‘s the garden. Who has time to make it a pleasant area when you are busy with a million other things? And yet a tidy garden is such a pleasant place to unwind, take in some fresh air or sit under a tree with a cup of tea and a good book.

So here’s my instant garden plan.

  1. Mow the lawn (optional)

  2. Trim the shrubs (optional)

  3. Fill four large pots or baskets with good quality potting mix and plant in some potted colour. Place these containers in the most used or visible areas in your garden. Either side of your front or back steps is the most effective and impressive location.

And it’s created in a couple of hours, and is quick and easy to weed and water.

Happy gardening!

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